SITES PACIFIC, 2008 Premio Proyectos Site-specific, hotel panamericano, bariloche


Sites Pacific
Isabel Peña 2008
Hotel Panamericano Sites-specific Projects Award
Photo installation in variable measures and places of the Hotel Panamericano de Bariloche

Sites Pacific                                                                                                             

The Project consisted in large scale photos portraying workers of the hotel in everyday situations installed in dead or unoccupied spaces to reactivate a different stroll around the place. I intended to adapt the scale for each photo and place playing with points of view and given light of the real space, in order to dislocate them as if doors, windows or corridors were opened, prolonged o switched from their place.

The installation celebrated an implicit contract between the local workers and the visiting artist, between the luxury of the hotel and the work which makes it possible. Pointing out the local workers and backstage I intended to transform situational, relational  and arquitectónic tensions from a visiting point of view.
I desired to unite work processes as marks of the transitory complicity between hosts and guest.

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