INs TRUTH, (continued by more unkown collaborators!) FOTOS DE LA FOTO: TEO V . MAIL: JORGE GARCIA

En septiembre del 2009 recibí sorprendida este e-mail con fotos de la obra expuesta, una especie de "reacción en cadena de mediaciones"...gracias a Jorge y a Teo V o a que Teo V!

Once the work was exhibited, I recieved the following e-mail and photos from an unknown viewer, a sort of surprising "chain reaction of mediations"


as soon as I saw your idea on the 9th of the month 9 of 2009 I liked it and felt that I had to make a picture of it, but I didn't have a camera, so I had to go out to the street and ask the favour to a young guy who was making photos with his friends, ask him to get into the museum and make this photos (this was in the museo caraffa placed in córdoba city, argentina), and in this way continue with this chain of mediations. This idea included a petition to recognize the authorship heheh from the young guy who made possible this continuation.

as it is your idea I give you this material

special regards,


JORGE sent me the e-mail and some more kind words, with the photos taken by TEO V, who asked to be mentioned as the author of this photos

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