Esquina2, (Cornered) Isabel Peña 2006

Site-specific installation in X Award Klemm a las artes visuales
Stroll around unoccupied spaces in Fundacion Klemm through 8 Photos in light-boxes installation, 40x30x15 cm. each

Walking arround an award group show , people encountered each unused space of the Klemm Foundation pointed out by its own characteristics, enlightened by a small light box which represented it.
I took pictures of these places and also (with bashfulness and vertigo) I took photos to the guards, inhabitants of these spaces in their own way, in constant contact with works and the public.
Each backlight represented the same dark space where it was installed, as representations of security guards where installed next to the real persons, all spread around the Klemm Foundation.
I intended to incorporate to the award group show these spaces that are not typically used for the exhibition of works. In this case, I decided to situate myself in this gap between the invisibility of these places and persons, and a concrete attempt to incorporate them. A wish to arguably recognise me inside and outside.

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